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Voice recordings

Voice-over recordings are performed by a select group of voice professionals endowed by nature with unique, distinctive and interesting voices.  Some of them speak several languages, as described in the voice bank, all of which is at your disposal at a single, affordable price.

We are able to execute the most sophisticated of recordings commissioned by our clients, whether audio tracks for telephone systems, for audio books, for multimedia presentations, or for television or internet advertisements.  Our voice professionals have years of experience in theatre, television, film and radio.  The database is constantly expanding, making our database all the more diverse.  Recently, some new native speakers of foreign languages have appeared in our voice bank, so now you can have an audio track recorded in native-speaker quality foreign languages.

Recordings are made quickly.  The delivery time (for standard orders) does not exceed 2 working days, though in the case of more complex sound productions a project-specific deadline will determined.  Audio tracks recorded ​​by our staff will enliven your powitania.pl multimedia presentation, and IVRs using our voices will raise the effectiveness of incoming calls to your company.