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Modern telephone systems have modules called DISA, which plays audio messages and allows for analogous functions to be programmed in. Implementation a custom recording is done through an appropriate interface. The system administrator has a control panel for this on his computer screen through which he can import audio files prepared in our studio. Depending on the degree of sophistication on your particular system, you may implement from only a single announcement to a series of messages prepared according to a pre-determined scenario, for example, messages to be played during working hours and those to be played while the office is closed.

Older systems have the ability to record only through a microphone or telephone handset. In such a case, we provide recordings on a CD. Then, you can play them using high-quality audio equipment, placing the microphone approximately 10 cm from the speaker.
If the system does not have external announcement capabilities, see if an external DISA module is available. Sometimes, there is no possibility to integrate this module, or it is expensive. In such a case, you might wish to consider a new system.

The manufacturer should provide this information in the PABX technical specifications. The most commonly used file the .wav file. Other important parameters include the sample rate and bits/byte ratio. Some examples are:
wav; 8 kHz; 16 bit; mono

wav; 11 kHz; 8 bit; mono