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Phone answering systems

Phone answering systems

The initial telephone greeting is an important image and communications element for the company.  If it is prepared carefully, it encourages customers to make contact; yet if it is prepared carelessly, it could actually discourage clients, especially first-time callers.

Professional preparation of a telephone announcement should include matching the voiceover to the nature of your business, and thoughtful preparation of the greeting and messages.  For example, information regarding the numbers of internal divisions in our company will not be helpful if the customer calls while the office is closed.  In such a case, it is much better to inform the caller of office hours and provide an e-mail address for general contact.  We at powitania.pl work closely with clients to match appropriate voices with appropriate messages, all the while holding our own work to the highest of standards.

Telephone Statistics

  • 70% of callers are put on hold
  • the average business caller spends about 8 minutes per day on hold
  • callers wait longer if they hear music and news
  • in the absence of a greeting, 60% of callers hangs up quickly

Why powitania.pl

  • a constantly growing bank of voices
  • a professional recording studio
  • assistance in editing text
  • no subscription fee for the service – a small, one-time fee
  • delivery time is just 2 business days

Listen to demos from the voice bank

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